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Our Staff Is NWCOA Bat Standards Compliant

Your Bat Professional’s mission is to provide permanent solutions, when applicable, to government agencies, businesses, and individuals experiencing bat conflicts through unparalleled service, knowledge, and attitude in a friendly, courteous and professional manner while establishing a reputation as the bat pest experts of choice for any job large or small.

As bat management specialists, Your Bat Professional understands that each situation is different and needs a customized plan of action.  Our experience allows us to evaluate the situation and determine the best plan of action required.  By working with the agency, owner, or manager as a team, we are able to successfully resolve bat problems using a variety of techniques and education.  This approach has led us to be recognized in Virginia as bat management experts in the conservation management community.

Your Bat Professional has been specializing in bat management issues since 1998.  With over 20 years of experience in bat management practices and techniques along with sixteen years field experience as one of Virginia’s few bat management specialists, we are able to quickly evaluate the situation and take steps for immediate intervention.  Our number one priority is the safety and peace of mind of clients experiencing a bat conflict.  By identifying and focusing on the problem and not the symptoms, Blue Ridge Wildlife Management has a track record of providing long-term and whenever possible permanent solutions to your bat problem.

Bats always seem to find structures adjacent to the James River.  Bat removal on river properties during the hot days of summer is really tough knowing that a quick dip in the river sure would be nice.   If you have bats in your attic in Cumberland County, and you need to get the bats out of your attic - guess what - we can get the bats out and keep them out!

If you need references from any of our Farmville bat removal or bat control customers in your area give us a call we can probably provide them.

Certain areas of Cumberland County have different types of construction, especially in Farmville and the older historic parts of the county. We will be adding some bat removal stories and pictures from Virginia to the Virginia bat removal photo gallery at the top of this page.

We are concerned about your families health and advise that if you do have bats in your attic and you need the bats out of your house - give us a call and a bat removal professional will be happy to help you. Do not go into your attic at night if you do have bats in there. Bat rabies shots could run over 1200.00 dollars!

Here are some bat facts you will need to know if your attic has bats or at the peak of your roof.

1) Do not go into your attic at night!

2) Do not handle a live bat or a suspected dead bat on the ground.

3) Bats are not trying to fly into your hair, they are beneficial to our environment!

4) We exclude the bats.


6) We can seal your home against future bat problems and guarantee it in writing with a warranty.

7) Your bat problem will not fix itself.

8) Bat deterrent sprays, bat repellents, lights and pulsating sound devices do NOT work to solve 99.9% bat               problems.  They are a waste of time and money.  And they will only give you a false sense of security that               the bats have left your home.

9) If you find a live bat in the living space of your home, the bat must be tested for rabies.  Bat bites are               not detected and the bat rabies variant is fatal once contracted.  Less than 1% of bats test positive for               rabies.

10) Do it yourself bat removal during the winter months when you think the bats have left your home to                 hibernate in a cave is risky.  Some bats do leave your home in the winter, but most bats like the little                 brown bat and the big brown bat will hibernate in your home.

11) Accumulations of bat guano in an attic can pose a serious health risk to you and your family.  Trying to                 clean up large accumulations of bat guano without the proper personal protective equipment can give                 you a lung disease call Histoplasmosis, which can be fatal if not treated by a medical professional.                 Respirators  purchased from large box stores will not protect you.  

12) We do not use pesticides to remove bats from an attic, nor is there a pesticide registered with the EPA                 that will get rid of bats.  We only use pesticides to kill the bat bugs, similar to bed bugs, left behind                     where the bats were roosting and in the bat guano.

In addition to our bat removal services in Cumberland County Virginia, we also offer bat guano removal and bat bug removal.  During our scheduled visit to your home we will also provide you with an estimate to remove the bat poop from your attic along with the bat bugs.

We can remove bats from an attic.  If you are looking for an Cumberland, VA bat removal professional, Your Bat Professional is available to help you with your bat problem.  Every member of our staff has successfully completed the National Wildlife Control Operators Association - NWCOA Bat Standards Compliant Course.  We are the bat removal experts in Farmville, Tamworth, Cartersville, and Cumberland in Cumberland County, Virginia.

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Did you know that bat guano accumulations can cause damage in your attic?  Learn more Click Here

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