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How To Deal With, Or Avoid, A Bat Infestation

BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA BAT REMOVAL — You know how nice it is to have a cool home to go to when it’s hot outside?

Your Bat Removal Pros often like to write stories about their experiences with bats in structures.  It is these experiences that we can use as an educational story about bats for potential bat customers.

Bats like nice homes too. And if you’re not careful, it’ll be your attic they’ll see as shelter from the warmth that the summer months bring in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Your Bat Pros do not have a thing against bats.  We love bats. But most home owners do not want to live with bats in their attic.

As we walked through the client’s house we immediately knew that bats were in the attic.  As we got closer to the attic opening we could smell the bat guano and urine.  With 17 years of bat removal experience, we often confirm that bats are in the house as soon as the client opens the door to their home.

Blacksburg Bat RemovalIf your house is bat infested in Blacksburg, you have a couple of options: 1: You can call Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management to extract them Or 2: You can try to remove the bats yourself.

As we entered the client’s attic we could see where they tried the old faithful moth ball fix.  The moth balls had already evaporated; it was the 3 empty boxes that lay sporadically around the attic that gave it away. As in every case, moth balls do not work.

Bats in your house in Blacksburg are funny until you get them yourself and become the center of the jokes your friends want to tell you.  “You better call bat man to help you Robin”.  Your bat pros do not mind being called bat man.  We are used to that.

Years ago, we had another client in Blacksburg that was getting in the shower and she looked down and said, ‘Oh, there’s a leaf in my shower.’ She reached down and it was actually a bat. Bats can be dangerous and destructive, so knowing what to do if you have a live bat in the living space of your home is important.

Getting rid of bats in your Blacksburg home is just the first part of dealing with a bat infestation.  Bat exclusion is like buying insurance.  By hiring Your Bat Removal Pro in Blacksburg you are insuring that your risk is going down that you are going to have another colony of bats in your attic. Once bats get in your Blacksburg home they are going to make a mess and it costs a lot to clean up bat guano, so in the long run buying insurance for your home pays, if insurance will cover it.

Bats can be really clever about finding ways into your home. The tiniest holes may be enough for them to get into.  A bats life span is 15 years and always return to the house they were born in.

Some of the common entry points that Your Bat Removal Pros in Blacksburg see are the roof line of the house where bats can slip between the shingle and the ridge cap and enter the attic.  Also soffits, gable end vents, or any area of the house that emits air draft needs to be sealed, screened, screwed down, or covered to keep bats out for good.

Should you fall victim to a bat invasion, Your Bat Removal pros recommend that you do your best not to panic. Even if you’re afraid of the bats, always remember that help is always a phone call away.

We operate our Blacksburg bat removal services in a pretty straight forward manner.  Once we receive a call about a possible bat infestation, we explain our consultation fees and estimated pricing for the Blacksburg bat removal to the client prior to scheduling the appointment.  If the client hires us to perform Blacksburg bat removal services, we do not charge for the bat consultation.    

Some of our Blacksburg bat removal projects can take 3 hours and others can take 3 days.  The price for Blacksburg bat removal is based on travel distance, materials, labor, and any rental equipment that may be need to access areas of the structure that are not safe or accessible with a ladder.

After sealing up all the potential bat entry points we will install a one-way bat valve or bat tube that allows the bats to leave the home and not re-enter.  This process is called venting.

There is time of year concerns that property owners should be aware of.  During the months of April through AugustBlacksburg baby bat baby bats may be present in the structure that cannot fly.  Venting the bats from the building during this time will orphan the baby bats and possibly put individuals at risk that live or work in the building.  When baby bats cannot fly and their mother is no longer around, they will search for her and a way out to get food.  Most of the baby bats fall from their roost and die without their mother present to feed them.  Others sometimes end up in the living space exposing individuals or pets inside to rabies by being bit or scratched by a bat.  Bat bites sometimes are not detected.  Less than 1% of bats test positive for rabies.

Bats are protected in Virginia; therefore it is illegal to intently kill bats unless they are putting individual’s health at risk. We have a check list that we go through that will determine if your health is at risk.  If we determine that there is a health risk, then we will install the vent tubes prior to baby bats flying and ask the customer to be on the lookout for bats in the living space. Regardless of the health risk, most of our customers wait till the baby bats can fly.  

It is also unlawful to use pesticides for Blacksburg bat removal.  The pesticide label is the law in Virginia and there is not a labeled pesticide that allows its use to remove bats from a structure.  We DO NOT KILL THE BATS.  Bats, in many ways, are beneficial to the environment.

We have seen Blacksburg bat infestations as high as 500 in a house.  Most bat colonies have between 30 – 50 bats in the attic.  This particular house had around 20 if we were to guess based on our 17 years of Blacksburg bat removal experience and the amount of bat guano in the attic, but the bats spend most of their time between the brick and the backer board.  

After a couple weeks we returned back to the client’s house and removed the bat tube, the bat guano in their attic, replaced the bug screen behind the gable vent, treated the area with a pesticide to kill any bat bugs that may linger around, and rolled out some new insulation in the area that we removed the bat guano.

Your Bat Removal Pros in Virginia provide bat removal, bat bug removal, bat guano removal, can get rid of bats in attic, and bat infestations in the counties, cities, and towns of Roanoke, Roanoke City, Blacksburg, Covington, Waynesboro, Winchester, Marion, Wytheville, Hillsville, Independence, Floyd, Christiansburg, Galax, Smith Mountain Lake, SML, Waynesboro, Staunton, Covington, Danville, Lexington, Salem, Cave Spring, Rocky Mount, Charlottesville, Madison Heights, Harrisonburg, Clifton Forge, Marion, Lynchburg, Radford, Richmond, Floyd, and Martinsville VA.

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